Our History

Grupo Red International is a company with Headquarters in the United States of America and 11 subsidiaries in Latin America and Europe.

Through its own initiatives and agreements with other companies, for almost a decade it has provided services for the personal, professional and corporate development of its clients.

Its main activities are to advice companies that wish to internationalize their business by exploring new markets, professional training and the development of software of medium and high complexity.

Through its interdisciplinary professional teams, Grupo Red International manages the opening of companies in the State of Florida, USA. And it also takes the necessary steps to obtain visas for immigrants and non-immigrants in the United States, England, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, among other services. It also provides professional training in areas such as Coaching, Leadership, Customer Service and Sales. And it completes its range of benefits by creating technological developments of medium and high complexity that allow its clients to professionalize their businesses online.


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